Memory Care at Frontier

Memory Care at Frontier

We call our philosophy of memory care for dementia and Alzheimer's residents "Personal Touch." The Personal Touch philosophy of care promotes the self-worth and familiar life history and functions of each resident, individually. This philosophy is driven by our Mission Statement: To enrich the lives of our residents, staff and associates through our programs, communications, environments and true commitment.

The principles of Personal Touch care are:

  • Gaining knowledge of life history and familiar daily activities.
  • Developing a Personal Care Plan for each resident.
  • The assignment of caregivers to provide services to specific residents.
  • Providing the necessary training to each caregiver, ensuring that residents enjoy a familiar day while receiving the care that is promised.
  • A caregiver becomes a friend to a resident and their family members/responsible party or guardian. Thus, a "Friends Taking Care of Friends" approach to living.

Common Sense
Treating people kindly, with respect and honesty is how we treat each other in our daily lives. The same is true at our care communities that serve a population of seniors who suffer from various forms of Alzheimer's disease and dementia. Residents are people. The "us vs. them" attitude is not tolerated. We have an obligation to care for our residents and provide an environment that is familiar and warm.

Appropriate Activities
Activities are a fundamental component of the daily programs at our communities. However, the activities that are features for residents with dementia are significantly more familiar. Our activities are not only "age appropriate" but they are also simple and routine. Furthermore, our communities embrace intergenerational programs, visiting pets, and sensory stimulation, among many others.

Communications for memory care residents are two-fold at Frontier. First, we communicate through our quarterly Care Conferences to review and update the Service/Care Plan of each resident. This is done with the management, support staff and resident family and/or responsible party. Finally, we communicate with residents through respectful and slow encouragements, without quick questioning or confusing dialogue.

Dining Services
Our Memory Care communities feature an Activity Kitchen for the familiarity of a kitchen in the house. Residents may work, complete chores and prepare dishes, with non-obtrusive supervision and support. Each neighborhood has its own dining room where residents may eat "family-style" or each plate will be served individually. Of course, all menus are professionally developed and meals are cooked on-site. Wonderful snacks, juices and teas are available 24-hours a day.

Comfortable Surroundings
Frontier has developed an environment that is comfortable, yet stimulating. Every detail from paint colors, furniture selection, to the carpet and artwork have been taken into consideration. The outdoor common areas are available to residents seeking fresh air, the warmth of sunshine, the sounds of leaves and birds and the opportunity to enjoy gardening. The interiors feature a wonderful fish tank, a television lounge in each neighborhood and barrier free walking.

Frontier's commitment to caring for residents with forms of dementia, including Alzheimer's Disease, is found at its communities that serve this population. Furthermore, it can be found in the outcome from the care provided by our dedicated staff members.

Design of Communities
The design of each Memory Care community is carefully planned and crafted to allow residents to freely move about the interior and exterior of the community. A 'barrier-free' environment is developed through a continuous walking pattern through our 'neighborhoods'.

To learn more about our Memory Care communities near you, visit our community directory.